Used Railroad Ties for Sale

Used railroad ties are a great alterative to building retaining walls, fencing and other applications around the house or ranch. We sell used Railroad ties by the truckload or individual up to any amount.  Located in Southern California we can deliver to most western U.S. states. (sorry we do not service Midwest, East or southern states)

Inventory and Pricing:

  • Grade: #1 RELAY GRADE QUALITY!!! $32.00
  • Grade: #2 ties are in stock and sell for $28.00
  • Grade: #3 ties are in stock and sell for $20.00
  • Lesser grades, some would call more "rustic" sell for around $14.00
  • Want to pick up yourself?  Hand pick your ties from our large inventory. 
  • We have different grades of ties, call or email now for up to date pricing
  • Call for delivery prices.

In stock now: Only 1,000 ties left from the Grand Canyon Railway. Great for fence post , planter boxes and old style western fences. Best part is having part of the Grand Canyon Railway in your yard.  Price: $20.00 

IN STOCK NOW:  8ft Used Railroad Ties.  in good shape for retainning walls, planter boxes and fence post. From the streets of San Francisco. Over 1000 available: Price $25.00 each

Detailed descriptions and pictures of the different Grades we have in stock

Most of our tie's come from mainline tracks, which are constantly maintained for high speed rail traffic, not spur or abandoned tracks.

Grade #1 tie's are the heaviest and more solid than 2s &3s, most will have a least 3 good if not 4, very little ware at the tie plates ,average weight 160 lbs+. 

Grade #2 tie's are still very usable and will have a least 2 good side if not 3, a little ware at the the tie plates,maybe 1 to 2 inches, average weight 140 lbs +.

Grade #3 tie's are more worn, might be missing a small piece from a corner with more ware at the tie plates, most will have at least 1 good side if not 2, average weight 120 lbs +

NEWS:  Our railroad ties was used for the Runway at Saint Laurent's Big Malibu Fashion Show

FAQ:  Are used Railroad Ties legal to use in my ranch/yard?  According to the EPA website:  "Reuse of creosote-treated wood is not subject to regulation by EPA under pesticide laws".

We buy Railroad Ties

Sales have been strong (we sell as much as 2 truckloads a week) and our inventory is low at times.   We are currently looking to expand on our suppliers.  WE BUY IN BULK!


DON'T PAY DUMP FEES!  Call us first, we can help.

Here are some Ideas for Used Railroad ties:


Used Railroad Ties for retaining walls. 

  Many times cheaper then using cinder blocks!

Used Railroad Ties for Garden Borders and stairs

Used Railroad Ties for Fencing.

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